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Step #1: Google Review:

Directions To Leave A Review:

  • Step 1: Click Here To Open Up My Google Page
  • Step 2: Our AZ Home Buying Experts profile will be on the right. Scroll down and look for the “Write a Review” button. (If on a mobile, you will need to click the stars to review)


Step #2: Better Business Bureau Review:

Directions To Leave A Review:


Step #3: Shoot a quick selfie video testimonial:


  • Record The Video
    • This does NOT have to be anything fancy. In fact, the more normal and unprepared, the better.
    • This does NOT have to be very long
    • Topics you can talk about
      • How was it working with David
      • How honest & trustworthy was David
      • Did we make it easy on you?
      • Would you recommend AZ Home Buying Experts to your friends & family?
  • Text the video to: 602-299-0448


Step #4: Get paid.