How To Sell Your House If You Owe Too Much

Having no equity on your house can sometimes feel like a prison sentence. It locks you up in your house and throws away the key with no hopes on being to sell. You feel like you have no options, and whatever the reason is you need to sell, it has to wait. Maybe you got a new job promotion in a different city. Maybe you have a sick loved one that you wanted to be closer with. Maybe you simply can’t afford this monthly payment anymore for whatever reason. The truth is that if you don’t have at least 10% equity in your house, you can not sell traditionally by hiring a Realtor and listing it on the MLS unless you want to pay cash at the closing table.

Here’s how to sell your house even if you have no equity and owe what it’s worth. I am in the process of buying a house now from a couple that needs out ASAP. They have only owned it a few years and have not built up enough equity to pay for the costs of the Realtor, closing costs, and all the other costs of selling your house. All of the other investors that they spoke with only offered them a low cash offer which meant they would need to come to the closing table with over $30,000. There is no way an regular person would want to pay to sell their house. That’s where we come in to offer a different solution. I am giving them some cash at closing, closing quickly, letting them stay in the house for a few weeks after we close, and simply taking over their payments for a few years until I can cash them out. This gives them the flexibility of being able to move out fast, while getting money to move, without having to pay someone $30,000 to buy their house. If you owe what your house is worth, give us a call and have a friendly chat. There is never any obligation, and we will offer to help in any way we can even if we are not the buyer for you.
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